D E F I N I N G   T H E   M Y S T E R I E S

A    R    T    I    S    T

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Norot is Robert W. Cook, an American occult artist, musician and architectural draughtsman by trade.  Occult and mythic themes are the defining element. for Norot . Drawing much influence from the works of William Blake, Gustave Doré, Albrecht Dürer, H.R. Giger, Aleister Crowley and Austin Osman Spare. Norot’s concepts reflect gnostic, spiritual, psychological and ritualistic themes dealing with gnosis, death, Initiation, suffering and rebirth.

.Nathrach was the first muscial recording by Norot and was written and recorded In Cork, Ireland between 2012 and 2014. These songs are an extension of the visual art created by Norot within this same creative cycle and are meant to accompany the overall artistic concept.  Based within the exploration of the serpent archetype and its relation to gnosis. The songs delve into the subconscious void, treading the left hand path into the place where the only language is symbolism, dream and old memory.  



In early 2015 Norot signed a record contract with the German underground record label Naturmacht Productions with plans to release  the album "Nathrach" in the spring as a limited Digi Pak CD featuring three newly recorded songs as well as the definitive artwork.

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